Different Areas of Specialization Within Technology

Technological progress refers to the increase in the knowledge base and sophistication of an industry or system. Technological change occurs for a variety of reasons, such as the adoption of new manufacturing techniques; improvements in information technology itself; increased efficiencies in production, services, and business processes; and other changes due to political, economic, technological, and social conditions. Technological change can have a considerable effect on a company’s market share, output, sales, and value chain. Technological change is also commonly referred to as globalization, technical convergence, or the ‘knowledge economy’. In business, technology is used to advance the ability of people and organizations to perform complex tasks by providing them with the information, processes, and materials they need to do so.

Technologists are involved in many aspects of the science of technology. They are involved in research and theoretical study in order to advance knowledge and promote scientific literacy. Technologists are involved in a wide range of business activities, ranging from product and device design to computer sciences and industrial maintenance and management.

The scope and variety of available technology solutions is tremendous. Some of the most popular and widely used technologies include computer software, electronics, IT, digital and analog technologies, electrical and mechanical engineering, biomedical, and food science. A variety of industries utilize these technologies. They include transportation companies, aircraft manufacturers, military defense contractors, aerospace and military technologies, personal and consumer products manufacturers, healthcare providers, industrial, commercial, and governmental institutions, energy producers, and educational and research institutions. Technologists who enter into the related fields of these industries are called technologists.

There are several career options available in the tech fields. Computer and Information Science (CIS) is one of the more common fields associated with tech careers. CIS employees generally utilize computer software to design, test, analyze, and troubleshoot systems. Other areas of concentration within the field include software testing, web development, database management, multimedia arts, and computer science.

Medical and Industrial Tech includes the science and technology that deals with the design, manufacture, and operation of hardware and software in the medical and industrial sectors. Medical devices for medical purposes comprise a large part of this field. Some of the devices commonly used include x-ray machines, surgical tools, and diagnostic devices. Medical technology also includes the study of new and improved ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness. Other applications in this field include prosthetics, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and pharmacology.

Software Engineering focuses on the design and creation of software systems. Software Engineers can work in the fields of computer science, mathematics, and software design. Other areas of concentration within this field include software training, user training, usability, user interface, and embedded systems development. In addition, some of the software engineering fields utilize hardware in their designs.

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