What Does the Internet Have to Offer?

An Internet (or online Internet) is simply the global network of connected computer networks, which makes use of the Internet Protocol suite (TCP/IP), to communicate between different devices and networks. It’s a global network of interconnecting computer networks which consists of public, private, governmental, educational, and business networks of global to local scope. An Internet connection is typically either through a data network or through a service network. Data communication refers to the transfer of data over a medium such as a telephone network, a cable network or a radio network such as the Internet. Internet services offer a wide variety of communication services like e-mail, file sharing, network-based computing, image manipulation and distribution, collaboration, document management and Internet access.

Internet communication is facilitated through several layers. There are different ways to transport data over the Internet, namely data packets or data in packets, which are sent and received via a communication network and gateway, either through a data network or through a packet switch. There are also protocols which define how computers can connect to each other and what the minimum and maximum times of transfer are. Another layer is routing, which enables machines on different networks to coordinate their activities with each other. All these layers make an Internet work smoothly.

The Internet is made possible by two things: its users and the networks that help users access the Internet. Internet backbone networks are commercial organizations such as ICANN, which provide the backbone for the Internet by managing the resources on it. Content providers also host web sites for the purpose of providing information to Internet users. There are many private Internet connections which are not tied to any specific provider or network. These connections are referred to as ‘hosted networks’.

Internet users have the ability to access information about resources over the Internet and send electronic mail to each other. Certain computers, accessible only through the Internet, allow users to connect to the Internet without using a physical computer or any device. Such a device is called a ‘gateway’ or ‘iptop’. Public networks, on the other hand, are networks which are open to all Internet users. Some of these public Internet networks are Arjuna, Blossom, Borderland, Cloudera, Faircom, IANA, ICANN, Linux, Metacert, Netconf, OAK, PEX, Smartp3, SuperFlare, Thawte, Verizon broadband and Windscribe.

One can use the Internet to do various things that are related to business. For instance, Internet marketers use it to promote their products and services and buyers use it for shopping. With the advent of online education, businesses can now use the Internet for seminars, interviews, product demonstrations, and training. Telecommuting has become a norm in today’s corporate world.

In education, Internet usage in classrooms has been greatly increased. Students who need constant access to the Internet and who need a convenient and safe way to communicate with other students at school can be very well accommodated by Internet. This is because most computers have Internet connections built in. The Internet provides instant communication and access to information.

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